Program Operator:  Ministry of Healthcare

Supporting Unit: –Operational Program “Technical Assistance”, Administration of the Council of Ministers

Estimated Admissible Expenses: 15,782,353 euro

Grant Aid Amount: 13 415 000 euro

Distribution of the Grant Aid:

EEA: 5 650 000 euro

NFM: 7 765 000 euro

National Co-financing: 2 367 353 euro

Approval Date: 20.08.2013

Duration of the Program: 30.04.2017


The program proposal is intended to increase the effect of the financing in several priority fields, which correspond to the maximum degree to the national priorities in the field of healthcare, arising from international, European and national contracts and Bulgarian legislation.

Particularly, the program proposal is intended to contribute for achieving specific results:

• Improvement of management in the field of healthcare; 
• Improvement of access and quality of health services, including reproductive health and prophylaxis;
• Improved mental and health services;
• Specific challenges for the health of Romas.

Establishing capacity, one of the defined priorities of the bilateral cooperation, as well as the funds distributed for it, shall be of major importance for the knowledge transfer to the Program Operator and other stakeholders, which in turn will assist the effective execution of the program. In relation to this the proposed Steering Committee shall function as an authority with broad network functions and maintenance of bilateral relations, in order to respond to the challenges and needs for improvement of the healthcare system in Bulgaria.

The bilateral relations will receive strong support through joint development of program proposition with Program Partner – the World Health Organization (WHO) and encouraging the development of projects with partners from donor-countries.

The main target groups are the institutions, which are competent for specification and application of policies in the field of healthcare. The additional target groups include all stakeholders in the field, including non-governmental organizations and the general public.

The investments specified as necessary for contribution to the expected results include conducting researches, provision of equipment, and software development for data input, public campaigns, communication, information and publicity activities, events and development of activities within the Bilateral Relations Fund, which should be created by the Program Operator in accordance with the Program Regulations. Some projects may require small construction and repair works. Admissible expenses for all projects shall be the expenses for personnel, overhead expenses and travel expenses in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation.

 Results and Indicators

On the 20 February 2015, the Ministry of Health, in its capacity as Program Operator of Program BG 07 “Initiatives for Public Health”, financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (FM of EEA) 2009-2014, with Head of the Program Operator Adam Persenski MD, Deputy Minister of Health, affirmed Guidelines for Application under Measures for Improvement of the Health Sector Management and the Access to Quality Health Services under Program BG07. You can find more information on the topic in section “Invitations and Public Procurements”, “Invitations for Project Propositions”покани/покани-за-проектни-предложения/